heuristics_impl.hpp File Reference

#include <set>
#include <limits.h>
#include "angel_exceptions.hpp"

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namespace  angel


template<class Object_t, class Ad_graph_t, class Heuristic1_t, class Heuristic2_t, class Heuristic3_t, class Heuristic4_t, class Heuristic5_t>
int angel::best_heuristic (const Ad_graph_t &adg, vector< Object_t > &el_seq, Heuristic1_t h1, Heuristic2_t h2, Heuristic3_t h3, Heuristic4_t h4, Heuristic5_t h5)
 Applies 5 heuristics to adg and returns the elimination sequence of the cheapest one.
template<class Object_t, class Ad_graph_t, class Op_t, class Objective_t>
int angel::standard_heuristic_op (const vector< Object_t > &v1, const Ad_graph_t &adg, vector< Object_t > &v2, Op_t op, base_heuristic_t< Objective_t > &h)
 Find best subset of v1 w.r.t. op, skeleton for new heuristics.

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