graph_generator.hpp File Reference

#include <vector>
#include "angel_types.hpp"

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namespace  angel


struct  angel::random_init_t


void angel::random_statement (int inputs, int expr, const std::vector< double > &p, c_graph_t &statement)
 Generates a random statement.
void angel::random_statement_vector (int max_expr, double unary, std::vector< c_graph_t > &statement_vector)
 Generates a vector of random statements.
void angel::stats2block (int inputs, int outputs, const std::vector< c_graph_t > &stats, c_graph_t &block)
 Build a block from a list of statements.
void angel::random_block (int inputs, int outputs, int stats, int max_exp, double unary, c_graph_t &block)
 Generates a random basic block.
void angel::block2loop (const c_graph_t &block, int loops, c_graph_t &loop)
 Generates a DAG that represents a loop over the block.


random_init_t angel::random_init_object

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