angel::SA_elimination_cost_t< Heuristic_t > Class Template Reference

Computes the elimination costs for arbitrary elimination history type. More...

#include <sa.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 SA_elimination_cost_t (Heuristic_t p_h)
 Constructor defining the heuristic h.
template<class Ad_graph_t, class El_spec_t>
int operator() (const elimination_history_t< Ad_graph_t, El_spec_t > &eh)
 Operator() computes the costs of eh.

Private Attributes

Heuristic_t h

Detailed Description

template<class Heuristic_t>
class angel::SA_elimination_cost_t< Heuristic_t >

Computes the elimination costs for arbitrary elimination history type.

Costs for an object eh are

  1. the costs for reaching from eh.og (stored in eh.ccosts) and
  2. the costs for transforming into final graph (bi-/tri-partite) using heuristic h

Definition at line 155 of file sa.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class Heuristic_t>
angel::SA_elimination_cost_t< Heuristic_t >::SA_elimination_cost_t ( Heuristic_t  p_h  )  [inline]

Constructor defining the heuristic h.

Definition at line 159 of file sa.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Heuristic_t>
template<class Ad_graph_t, class El_spec_t>
int angel::SA_elimination_cost_t< Heuristic_t >::operator() ( const elimination_history_t< Ad_graph_t, El_spec_t > &  eh  )  [inline]

Operator() computes the costs of eh.

Definition at line 163 of file sa.hpp.

References angel::elimination_history_t< Ad_graph_t, El_spec_t >::ccosts, angel::elimination_history_t< Ad_graph_t, El_spec_t >::cg, angel::SA_elimination_cost_t< Heuristic_t >::h, and angel::use_heuristic().

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Member Data Documentation

template<class Heuristic_t>
Heuristic_t angel::SA_elimination_cost_t< Heuristic_t >::h [private]

Definition at line 156 of file sa.hpp.

Referenced by angel::SA_elimination_cost_t< Heuristic_t >::operator()().

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