angel_types.cpp File Reference

#include "angel/include/angel_types.hpp"
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include "angel/include/eliminations.hpp"
#include "angel/include/angel_tools.hpp"
#include "angel/include/angel_io.hpp"

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namespace  angel


bool angel::operator== (const c_graph_t &g1, const c_graph_t &g2)
 Compares two c-graphs.
int angel::overall_markowitz_degree (const c_graph_t &cg)
 Markowitz degree of all vertices in cg.
bool angel::operator== (const line_graph_t &g1, const line_graph_t &g2)
 Compares two line graphs.
int angel::overall_markowitz_degree (const line_graph_t &lg)
 Markowitz degree of all vertices.
int angel::markowitz_degree (int j, const line_graph_t &lg)

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