ANGEL stands for Automatic differentiation Nested Graph Elimination Library. It implements graph elimination techniques in order to find the cheapest accumulation of Jacobian matrices. It provides: ANGEL has been developed as an independent library but is primarily used by the OpenAD framework for automatic differentiation.
Note, that the Unix name for this sourceforge project is angellib.


All of the current development work for the core library with detailed descriptions of the changes, is kept in a Mercurial repository hosted at Argonne National Laboratory.

While we find Mercurial to be much more convenient than subversion for our development is still is somewhat unknown and therefore we use a SVN repository hosted at sourceforge for distribution.

To checkout the sources execute:
svn co angel
The SVN repository is updated whenever a set of changes has passed regression testing. More infrequently we provide snapshots of the angel library as a dated release.

Prior to Feb/09/2010 the library source was distributed via a CVS repository with the module name angel. The CVS source code repository is no longer updated but still available together with other unmaintained modules. Sourceforge provides instructions to checkout sources from SVN and the obsoleted CVS repositories. None of the CVS repositories are used by OpenAD. The repositories listed below have last been updated in 2003 and are compatible with angel_base but are not compatible with the current version of angel. The module programs has been partially updated in March 2008 for purposes unrelated to OpenAD. The sourceforge CVS repository is frequently synchronized to the latest changes in the Mercurial development repository.

  1. GNU make
  2. boost libraries
  3. OpenAD : this dependency  can be avoided by commenting out
    and the lines below that one in


For details on classes and functions in ANGEL see the reference manual PDF or html pages (last generated on Wednesday, 11-Mar-2009 15:41:51 UTC)

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